Using Google Search Engine Effectively

Everyday in our life, we depends on google search engine for various activities.

By using google operators we can effectively use the google search engine and optimize the search results.

There are many google search operators, but in this article we focus on few operators to make our search effective.

First operator = site:

By using site operator we can restrict search to particular website.

Second operator = intitle:

By using intitle operator , we can further restrict our search for title tag in the website.

eg: intitle:mark zuckerberg

Third operator = Allintitle:

Same like intitle, but ensures every word in the query is in the title meta tag of all results.

Fourth operator = inurl:

By using inurl operator , we can further restrict our search words included in the URL.

And same like Allintitle. Allinurl behaves same except it searches in URL.

Fifth operator = intext:

By using intext operator , we can further restrict our search words included in the body of the page

And same like Allintitle , Allinurl . Allintext behaves same except it searches in body of the page.

Sixth operator = filetype:

By using filetype operator, we can restrict our search for specific filetype in the website.

Seventh operator = Related:

By using Related operator, we can search for relative websites of mentioned website.

Eight Operator = Index

It is one of most used operator, it can extract the index of any content.

eg: index movie forrest gump, index tv series game of thrones.

One of best use of index , it can help you to find out the movie,tv series,songs etc.. Download link very easily.

Google Basic Operators:

Google’s basic search operators help filter the results you get from your search.

Such as AND, OR, -, + etc

First example:

In this example , AND operator is used to search both Tiger and bengal, eg: bengal tiger

And we are excluding the site wikipedia by using excluding symbol “-”, ←.

And also excluding the body text siberian tiger from the search by using

-intext:”siberian tiger”

[“” (quotations) Used for exact match in that search.]

Second example:

And again another example.

Here we are using OR operator for either tiger or lion, and “+” operator to include search operator of our need, Such as

→+intext:”siberian tigers”←

These Operators is enough to use google search engine effectively for day to day use.

Many advance operators are also used , but they are used for research kind of purpose.

So, I am limiting to these operators for this article.

Thank you!

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