We often send secrets messages using some type of cryptographic methods .

We can also send a secret message inside a file using stegonography. Here we are using tool called steghide.

In steghide, We are embedding a secret message inside a jpeg file. We often send images to our friends, so most of them thinks that is only an image file.

Let’s install the tool ( In Debian distributions)

$sudo apt install steghide

Embedding Secret message inside a Image

  • Let’s Assume you have image file called image.jpeg
  • Create a secret text inside a secret.txt file
  • Using below command, we can create our steg file called image.jpeg(where secret.txt hidden inside this file)

$steghide embed -cf image.jpeg -ef secret.txt

  • After executing the command, it’s ask to set…

First check Physical RAM SIZE and SWAP SIZE by using command :

$free -m # m for displaying info in megabytes

Next, Swapoff(disable) the swap device or swapfile

$swapoff <location of swapfile or device>

# fdisk -l to locate swap device

eg: $swapoff /dev/sda5 or $swapoff /swapfile

Now creating swapfile , Create swapfile based on the Physical RAM .

  • Swapfile is 2 times the physical RAM
  • if RAM is 1GB , then SWAP is 2GB
  • We can create swapfile by using…

Everyday in our life, we depends on google search engine for various activities.

By using google operators we can effectively use the google search engine and optimize the search results.

There are many google search operators, but in this article we focus on few operators to make our search effective.

First operator = site:

IPtables Installation And Configuration

Details: Install Iptables on all app servers and block the port 8083 except for LBR server

Installing Iptables in all app servers by using command

sudo yum install iptables

Next blocking the port 8083 using iptables

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp — dport 8083 -j DROP

INPUT = incoming…


Suffering from Multiple Passion Disorder

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